Popsicle Molds Double Set - BPA Free - 12 Ice Pop Makers + 2 Extra Molds + 2 Silicone Funnels + 2 Cleaning Brushes + Recipes E-book - by Lebice


  • HIGH-QUALITY AND MOST CONVENIENT POPSICLE MOLDS DOUBLE SET! The sets are made out of strong plastic and come with four gifts each: a COLLAPSIBLE FUNNEL to avoid the mess, a special BRUSH to clean the product perfectly, one SPARE MOLD, and a frozen treats RECIPES E-BOOK. It is super easy and fun for you, your friends, and kids to use ─ all year round!
  • PRACTICAL AND EASY TO USE! We have invested a lot of thought in ensuring that the freeze pop molds are practical and suitable for adults and kids alike. We settled on a perfect size for the tray, the molds, and their handles. Thanks to the lids’ no-click closing system, the popsicles are easy to remove. Carefully read the instructions in the box and we are sure you will love the “Lebice Popsicle Molds.”
  • MAXIMUM CLEANLINESS FROM BEGINNING TO END! Preparation: Two great features designed to help you prevent spilling: the foldable funnel to pour liquid into the molds, and the molds’ steady position on the tray. Use: The handles of these six popsicle holders have a drip tray that will help keep your kids clean and prevent those sticky fingers. Cleaning: The ice pop holder and funnel are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned by hand easily using the custom-sized brush.
  • 100% BPA-FREE AND FDA-APPROVED, because your health is our main concern. This feature also helps reduce waste with its eco-friendly, reusable design. It can be used over and over again to make all-natural frozen goodies such as juice, yogurt with fruit and anything you like. Find inspiration in the free e-book that you will receive!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE WITH UNBEATABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! If you ever experience a problem with our popsicle maker, we will replace it with a completely new set. If you don't love this product, return it at any time for a 100% no-hassle refund. With this no-risk guarantee, simply add one to your cart now and you’ll have homemade popsicles in your freezer in no time!


Type: Ice Pop Molds

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