BoddyGift Popsicle Molds Set - Silicone with Disposable Lids


  • INNOVATIVE LEBICE POPSICLE MOLDS SET! Incl. the 3 usual gifts: COLLAPSIBLE FUNNEL to avoid the mess, BRUSH for cleaning, RECIPES E-BOOK; plus 3 extras for even more convenience: 6 SILICONE LIDS with approx. 50 disposable POPSICLE STICKS, STORAGE BAG.
  • PRACTICAL, FUN, AND EASY TO USE thanks to the set’s careful design and features; with our new silicone lids technique you can enjoy your popsicles without being left with the lid in your hand; the popsicles can be easily removed by running warm water over the mold for 15-20 seconds.
  • MAXIMUM CLEANLINESS – to prevent spilling: the funnel for filling the popsicle holders, the sturdiness of the tray, and the handles’ drip tray; the set is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned by hand with the included brush.
  • BPA-FREE PLASTIC; FDA-APPROVED – reduces waste with eco-friendly, reusable design; can be used for all-natural freeze pops using juice, yogurt, fruits, etc.; use the e-book to inspire your recipes.
  • LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – we’ll replace or refund your order if you’re not satisfied; unbeatable customer service


Type: Ice Pop Molds