Great Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home during the Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are around the corner, which means one thing for many parents – how to keep the kids busy and remain sane all summer long. While the summer holidays are a great time to bond with your kids, it can also be a very stressful time for you. This is because they’re home all day, and need to be engaged every second, to feed their very short attention span.

The moment boredom sets in, you can bet a good night’s sleep that they’ll immediately look for something do, and I am sure you already know how kids like to engage in the most dangerous activities like jumping down the staircase. Well, in their defense, it was just a couple of flight of stairs and who would have thought it was going to result in broken limbs? Right!

Top 10 Cool Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home This Summer

To prevent tales of broken limbs and keep your kids adequately engaged this summer, you must look for ways to channel their self-sustaining energy into worthwhile activities. Luckily for you, we have compiled a comprehensive and exhaustive list of some great ways you can use to keep your kids occupied this summer, making for a happier & relaxed child and a stress-free you.

  1. Get Summer Homework Done

Many schools give their students homework and projects to at least keep their brains refreshed during the long summer vacation. If your kids attend such a school, you can use this as an avenue to keep them busy. Get out their homework/projects and start them on it as soon as possible. Come up with a schedule for it such that they attempt some of it every day until it’s completed.

  1. Cooking and Baking

Kids love to assist their parents in the kitchen, especially during interesting activities, such as cooking and baking. Engage your kids by inviting them to help you out whenever you’re cooking or baking. It keeps them busy during the day, as well as teaches them how to bake and make some fantastic meals.

  1. Build a Garden Patch

You can expose your kids to practical things like garden patch building during their summer holiday. Building a garden patch requires effort and time, which they have an abundant source of, thanks to the holidays. They can even plant some vegetables in there and nurture it until fruition. 

  1. Have a Treasure Hunt

If you have the strength for it, design an exciting and elaborate treasure hunt for your kids. Include areas like the patio, garage, and garden in the hunt, to broaden their search, and leave clues scattered all over the house. Reward them with treats whenever they find the treasure to keep them motivated in case you need to create another hunt.

  1. Make a Home Movie

You can also introduce your children to creative fun like home movie making, during holidays. Assist them with an easy script and provide them with a camcorder or smartphone, and watch them get engrossed in it all day long. You can use this opportunity to get that needed beauty sleep, after all, it’s summer and summer body/looks are a thing.

  1. Paint Some Rooms

Do you have a room in your home which badly needs a paint job? Well, now is the time to get it done. You can call it a paint date if you want. Get the paint, paint brushes, protective gear and put those kids to work! Trust me; they’d have no idea you’re conning them into working for free by their own parents.

  1. Have a Garage Sale

You and the kids can clear out the home of items you no longer have a need for and hold a garage sale. The kids can invite their friends and neighbors, and sell some of their stuff to them. Remember those pastries and cakes they assisted you in baking? They can sell them too. Any money recovered can be used to enjoy a family outing.

  1. Watch Family Videos

Bring out CDs of your wedding, high school graduation, christening ceremony, karate class, swimming championship competition, spelling bees and what have you. You can relive some of these memories with your kids, providing them with never-before-seen footages as well as behind-the-scenes commentary guaranteed to keep them glued to their seats. After all, who does not want to relive how cute they were growing up, as well as all the mighty words they were able to spell at the spelling-bee competition. Could you even spell PRESTIDIGITATION at that age? No?

  1. Play With Puzzles

Puzzles are another great way to keep your kids occupied this summer. There are a wide array of puzzle themes to choose from, including cartoons, super-hero, movies, art, science, and many more. Avoid those very tiny puzzle pieces though, except you want them to remain busy till next summer!

  1. Tidy and Design Their Rooms

Your kids should get into the habit of tidying up their rooms, and this summer is a great time to enforce this. It’ll keep them busy and also teach them a sense of responsibility. To encourage them, you can promise to design their room with them if they keep it neat and tidy always. You can then use their favorite themes to design the room with them during the holidays.

There you have it – the best cool ideas to keep your kids sufficiently engaged this summer. Let us know, in the comment section below, which activities you’ll try with your kids and other ideas you’ve come up with for a fun summer.