About Us


My name is Gady Lev. I am the man behind the Lebice products.

Nice meeting you!

I grew up in a health-conscious environment. My positive experiences led to me strongly believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy and organic food, exercise, and sleep are meaningful aspects of my life.

Having enjoyed the benefits of my healthy lifestyle firsthand, I now want to help other people access that wonderful feeling of physical and emotional wellbeing.


My current goal is bringing you products that will facilitate your preparation of healthy foods. I know the temptation of going for something quick and easy without considering its healthfulness. I’m here to fill that temptation, without compromising your health!

Our products are designed with your convenience in mind. They are all highly efficient and easy to use, clean, and store. We settle for the best strongest and highest quality materials to ensure lifetime satisfaction.


2021 collection Arrived :) 

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