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Frequently Asked Questions.

How tall is the whole set- up? 2017-09-25T01:46:27+00:00

6 1/2 inches.

Are the clear molds 4 or 6? 2017-09-25T01:45:50+00:00


Will these hold 1/2 cup of liquid? 2017-09-25T01:45:07+00:00

It takes 1/3 cup liquid.

Is the cleaning brush long enough to reach all the way down the bottom of the mold? 2017-09-25T01:43:59+00:00

Yes, It easily reaches the bottom.

How do you take out the Popsicle? 2017-09-25T01:42:58+00:00

I normally run the Popsicle under hot water for a minute. It will melt just enough to separate it from the mold.

Can you use these to freeze smoothies? 2017-09-25T01:41:58+00:00

Yes, it should work well!

Recipes included? 2017-09-25T01:40:56+00:00

Yes, you will receive an email which includes a link for awesome recipes.

Does it include the sticks? 2017-09-25T01:40:00+00:00

Yes. The set includes plastic sticks.

Where are these molds made? 2017-09-25T01:38:39+00:00

These molds are made in China.

How many ounces of liquid does each popsicle mold hold? 2017-09-25T01:35:07+00:00

4 ounces

What are the dimensions of the base? 2017-09-25T01:21:23+00:00

5 3/4″W x 5 3/4″L x 1/2″ H